Gut Health – So important

One of the easiest steps towards a mind and healthier body is to address your “gut health” If you think about the function of the intestines and what their job is you know you want them to stay operating at their best, supporting good bacteria and ridding your body of bad bacteria. An unhealthy digestive system can cause unneeded chemicals, toxins, etc to stay in your body. Some people will say (I have no problem in going to the restroom) it’s not only about if you go but what you get out of your body when you go! Check out these 3 products to find what is best for you and your gut health! Consider adding something to help your gut and help your health. It is recommended that you take gut support daily. Some people choose to take at night and some in the morning, whichever your choose – stay consistent.

Gut health was one of the things I addressed with Tyler several years ago, trying to clean up his diet and utilize pre and probiotics.  This helped with many things including overall health, healthy bowel movements and behavior, focus, etc.  When are plumbing is not working properly it can cause problems. Since I have relaxed some on the diet and he does eat unclean foods at times it is even more important that I maintain a gut health regimen for him.

MightyPro Product #24261
This product is 2 products in 1 (Prebiotic and Probiotic) Great tasting easy to swallow individual packets easy for kids to take and adults too! No refrigeration required! (It has xylitol for sweetner so make sure to keep away from dogs) Promotes healthy digestion* Supports gut health* Supports a healthy immune system*Helps maintain normal intestinal function* (some people take a packet in the am and one in the pm)

You can use the following products individually or together

Life 9 – Probiotic – Product #18299
This is a Probiotic and must be refrigerated after opening. These are capsules and should be swallowed, not broken open or mixed in liquid (but drink a glass of water when taking) Promotes healthy digestion* Supports gut health* Supports a healthy immune system*Helps maintain normal intestinal function*

Sulfurzyme Powder – Product #3241 (a Prebiotic) – this is a powder and must be mixed in a cool drink

Sulfurzyme® combines wolfberry with MSM, a naturally occurring organic form of dietary sulfur needed by our bodies every day to maintain the structure of proteins, protect cells and cell membranes, replenish the connections between cells, and preserve the molecular framework of connective tissue.* MSM also supports the immune system, the liver, circulation, and proper intestinal function and works to scavenge free radicals.* Wolfberries contain minerals and coenzymes that support the assimilation and metabolism of sulfur.* FOS is added to this formula to support normal digestive system health.* When choosing between Sulfurzyme capsules and Sulfurzyme powder, the only difference is the Sulfurzyme Powder contains FOS, which is a prebiotic, and the Sulfurzyme capsules do not contain FOS.

In our house, it’s easier to use the packets and we take them at night. You can your regimen in the morning or night, but be consistent.   Always read your labels.  You can check with your health care professional for more information on pre and probiotics.

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