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Weighted vest

Found this 12lb weighted best today at Aldi’s. (as a parent of a sensory pressure seeker, fitness tools are many times a great thing and less expensive than products marketed for autism/SPD).

Also really liking the cognition improvement & memory regurgitation since incorporating cbd oil. The below conversation made my heart fill with joy & my eyes leak a little.

Me: “Tyler. The cases water of water are in the back of the explorer & a weighted vest, will you go get them?”

Tyler: “a weighted vest like in elementary school?”

(I was shocked he has NEVER mentioned that vest and that was 6 & 7 years ago)

Me: “yes. A different kind but yes.” I am smiling from ear to ear.

He brings inside, I put it on him.(I am thinking it’s too heavy)

Me: “do you like it?”

Tyler: “yes it feels good. This is just like elementary school.”

Me: “you can take it off if you want, I just wanted you to try it on”

Tyler: “I am not ready to take it off”

It is still on (almost an hour)

I have know idea what he truly knows & what he remembers. Over the past few months he has been blurting things out, stuff I am shocked he remembers.

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Did you know?

Hindsight is 2020 right? (🤭🤭🤭)
☎️ Me

💔If I gave my kids a teeny, tiny bit of antifreeze everyday, would that be ok? I used to.

💔What if I let them drink just a smidge of a Neurotoxin each day? They did.

💔What if let them smoke a cigarette just once a day? What if it’s second-hand smoke?
Sometimes they had to multiple times a day.

💔Would it be ok if I let them apply roundup on their hands to sanitize them? We did everytime we left the house.

💔Or what about petroleum (gasoline) for their dry skin? Every winter ❄️
Oh gosh. Heck no.
I’m telling you. Dig deeper.
These ingredients are allowed in the everyday products thousands of us ALL have used, or are using right NOW, as you read this post. ❤️
💀Antifreeze = in almost every toothpaste

💀Neurotoxin (Toxic to the brain) = Any food or toothpaste/product with colorants/food dyes.

💀Lighting a candle for just one hour a day = same as breathing in second hand smoke 💨

💀Triclosan = in anything marked Antibacterial. Originally created as a pesticide because it continues to kill for more than 12 hours after applied.

💀Petroleum = derivative of gasoline. 😳
But it’s little bit each day. No worries.
That’s what the Toxic Substance Control Act of 1976 basically said.
A little at a time, so it’s fine.
❤️If I know anything to be true….I know that whatever you do in small amounts, adds up to big, compounded effects.
Good. Or Bad. ❤️💔
You don’t need poisons to live.
Just because someone sells it, doesn’t make it safe. ❤️
👉🏻Statistics are now showing that within the next 5 years, EVERY American will be looking for natural alternatives.
That tells me, we are a generation who wants better!!!!
Change is happening. 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
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#knowyoursource #knowledgeispower
(Credit for these statistics goes to Amanda Cooper)


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