Working on Responsibilities

Two things have kicked have really taken a turn for the positive this week. Tyler making his own lunches at night for the next day (when I ask he will do it without hesitation or dispute) AND……….. letting the alarm clock be set!!!! Normally I have to wait until Tyler is asleep to set his alarm but Monday, he asked me as I was turning off his light, aren’t you going to turn on the alarm? So I didn’t question it, I just did it! I’ve turned on the alarm every night and it’s left the alarm on.

I know they seem so very small but it is a big sense of responsibility. Even though he is 18, he’s not ready for adulthood yet, but adding to responsibilities is a great step forward.


Speech Progress

Tyler had another eval in December and comparing to a year ago this progress for his Receptive, Expressive and Pragmatic Language the progress is awesome! Look at the differences! In addition to his hard work, the amazing therapist, our work at home and school – he’s been using 1000mg CBD daily for 1.5 years The CBD is helping with keeping him calm (not 100% of the time but more frequently and he still has an essential oil calming blend roller that I make for him) and has helped with cognition, comprehension, regurgitation of information, and obviously some areas of speech.

The last time I mentioned CBD a few messaged me to find out which brand I used. I use CBD from Young Living – it tastes better (it’s infused with essential oils) and is THC free, actually made by Nature’s Ultra but partnered with Young Living. They have a roll-calm (called Calm) and a Joint and Muscle Rub, but I use the drops for him, under his tongue. Due to the way this tastes he has no problem in taking it. I can’t vouch for other brands as I have not used them but I am not saying that they don’t help in the same areas. I try to do better about checking my email to answer questions. YL now has a CBD starter kit (under the tab – other kits) there are 2 prices because one has a lower mg than the other.