Just wow!

I cannot celebrate this enough!!!!. Yesterday, without asking him about school, Tyler told me Ms S talked about, nouns, verbs, adverbs & adjectives. I gave a couple of sentences and he was answering with prompts (this was all verbal)

Tonight we did it again & he was more responsive with less prompting. This was one of the sentences, again. Verbal (not writing were visable)

Yes I am proud of the knowledge but I am THRILLED of the steps for verbal processing (Tyler has verbal processing delay, common with autism). My heart is bursting, my hope is growing, prayers are being answered and progress is happening! Verbal processing has been improving over the past few months. God is good!

Btw- his new response when you tell him he’s awesome is “I am awesome now” 😊

We’ve been having discussions about each class that consists of a few more words than “good day” 😊

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Understanding & Comprehension

It’s little things that seem so big in our world.  Every milestone, every “aha” moment, every “wow” moment, every “I didn’t realize you understood that” moment is to be celebrated with great joy!  It maybe small and insignificant to others, but when it is impactive and wonderous in your world – recognize it and celebrate it! IMO it’s like scoring a touchdown!  It’s very very exciting!!!!!

Tyler brought to me.
Me: what does this say?
Tyler: two, to & too
Me: tell me about these words
Tyler: two, like the number 2 like Rineas & Edward.
To, like I go to school & too, like Kolby & Anthony go to Verne Cox too.
Me: great job and great using your brain.
Tyler: why thank you mom.
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First week of School 2019

I want to give a shout out to Tyler’s teaching staff at school – it’s been one hellish week between wrong schedules and transportation nightmares. I will say that she went above and beyond the call of duty to help these students and parents get so many issues resolved in a matter of 3 days. (I personally like this mid week start time for reason just like this). So if Friday is any indication that we are on the right path with the new schedule and bus issues, then I am satisfied. Tyler and I will be working on his schedule this weekend reviewing the new lunch time and wording on his schedule changes to help reduce the anxiety with all these changes. I will be shifting his home lunch schedule to match that at school.

I also want to give a shout out to Tyler’s new regimen (well new since June) as he (with little help from the teachers and staff) adverted a major meltdown he was able to express with a few words and chose to go into the quite box – this moment yesterday proved to be SOOOOOO MUCH PROGRESS and a light at the end of the a tunnel. It has provided me with hope that the vocation training MAY ACTUALLY BE ABLE TO HAPPEN & his CBVI coach is new to this position and she has known Tyler since elementary school so she knows him. She and I will have a TC soon on variables that may help this vocation training be a success for Tyler and that is my main goal for Tyler. I had a talk with the teacher after school yesterday and assured her of what the “trigger” was that almost led to what could’ve been a hell down (not just a meltdown) and we discussed various things that we can help him work into participating in the “dance Friday in the motor lab” events which are just not going to work right now (if you know Tyler, music, singing and dance are hell down triggers LOL)

Also one schedule change is that we’ve pulled art and returned him to adaptive PE again in order to work with his new schedule. He is enjoying being back in adaptive PE and that I am glad about!

So we have a busy weekend working on the “newness” of everything but he’s gonna do just fine I am sure and if not, then we will make the necessary changes.

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what-is-a-autism-meltdown-a-meltdown-is-an-intense-5746676 (2)

This meltdown picture might’ve been Tyler but it might’ve been me LOL.

Depression, Anxiety, Stress

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