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Autistic Science Person

I am nearly out of spoons at the moment, so I’m going to turn a few twitter threads into a blog post because I think it is an important topic. I highly recommend you read the responses to this thread, which I am posting below along with another thread.

Note: When I say “neurotypical” in this post I am mostly referring to abled non-autistic people. Most disabled people experience burnout, but autistic burnout in particular is still different (even if you have other disabilities, like I do).

Why It’s Different

I think I just realized why autistic burnout is so bad.

It’s because when abled non-autistic people reach their limits, they can’t go on.

When autistic people reach their limits, they continue because they know they have to continue to be considered valuable.

I was told that if I get burnt out, I won’t be able to do anything…

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