Welcome to my blog. This blog will primarily focus on Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder and Parents/Caregivers.  The journey is individualized but I am going to share my son’s journey along with personal challenges I’ve overcome to maintain my health to be able to be the best parent and caregiver he has.   I have incorporated some of my notes from 2012 – present, much relating to behaviors and progress so feel free to scroll through the “older blog posts” to see many of the challenges we’ve faced.  I have gone back through various notes and brought them forward from my son’s journey back in elementary school to present, to manage autism and SPD with and without medications.  When you see me use the terminology “we” it normally refers to me and my son as his journey is not a solo ride.

This blog is just starting and I am new to blogging so message me with thoughts, ideas or comments if you have them.

Much of my son’s success has to do with dietary restrictions/modification, various trial and error supplements and other regimens, but recently a massive improvement has been from a Young Living regimen and tweaking a few other things.  The blogs will be autism related, SPD related or other health related.  Let’s not forget, therapies, tutors and fantastic school teachers and paras.