The “year” memory continues to improve

Ok – This memory thing with Tyler and “years” is really puzzling me – how in the world does he remember the years LOL.

Back when he was in the 7th grade, Ms. Washington told me that Tyler loved their reading chair – so I got him one for Christmas – here was yesterday’s conversation
Tyler: “I love this chair (as he’s sitting in the chair) Santa brought it to me in 2015”
Me: (after having to think back lol) “yes he did”
Tyler: “In 2015 in Ms. Washington’s class I sat in her chair and it broke (which it did)
Me: “Tyler that is correct, how you remember that year?”
Tyler: Chuckling and walks off.
I can ask him about a year and he can’t (or won’t) respond, but he can pop out with these statements outta no where (and I have to really think back long and hard to the years LOL)

I am grateful for the progress

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