New connection – I am just blown away at what he’s figuring out and what he remembers – who knew?

I am starting to wonder if Tyler’s teacher shared with him the “years” he went to JR, Baker, Lomax etc (because he can remember things he’s told) – he still has difficulty in calendar concepts yet, he knows the years he attended JR, BKR, LMX and 9th grade – I have to stop and think about and he’s right. He can count money but doesn’t have the concept of money, nor getting change and financial things He can tell time (both analog and digital) but doesn’t have the concept of time. How did he figure out the years – the more he pops out with stuff, the more I am baffled. (his new “connection” of things is years) – my curiosity is getting the best of me, sent a message to his teacher LOL.

She said that she may have mentioned dates in social conversation but it was not a lesson plan and something discussed with a required outcome. She say she gives credit to Tyler to figuring this out! She said great job Tyler!

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