I am puzzled – really puzzled

OK – I am stumped beyond stumped! We passed the Aquarium today during Sailing Angels and Tyler mentioned it more than once and as we were returning to the harbor he says to me, that’s my birthday in 2013. I said you are correct (my mind is PUZZLED because all I’ve ever said is that his birthday was in the 5th grade (5 years ago) – yes he does know how to subtract but we are still working on calendar comprehension. Anyway we get home – and Tyler brings his 2 aquarium cars, his Kindle with a movie dated 2013 and says to me, The aquarium for my birthday in 2013 (pointing first to the train cars then to the movie) and my sister Tori and good friend Ms. Tammy was there and we touched the stingrays. It was a good birthday – he walks away.

I am seriously puzzled because HOW did he know it was in 2013? How? I asked him how did he know and he just looks at me like I am foolish LOL. (He has a very difficult time with who, what, when, why, where questions) but how did he know the year – seriously we are still working on yesterday, tomorrow, 2 weeks ago, 3 months from now, etc etc etc

I guess that Nemo birthday – the aquarium was a very impactive birthday – it seems like his memory bank comes alive about that birthday – again how did he know it was 2013?

He has become fascinated with “years” lately.

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