Clarity – Shocked

I am really surprised at times with the clarity that appears to be happening in Tyler’s mind. I have recently learned, all those years and times I didn’t think he was paying attention, or absorbing or enjoying he was – it is just stored in his brain file cabinet and some is starting to come out.
I mentioned not too long ago about his out of the blue statement regarding the aquarium (we went there on his birthday 5 years ago and he never mentioned anything about it)
Well Tyler has seen something on Youtube – Totally Thomas Town is what he calls it, it appears to be a Thomas store. Well – we were driving over the bridge last week and Tyler asks me – where is Totally Thomas Town? I told him, I don’t know and he responds “it’s by the aquarium” and I said “what?” he repeated that and I had to think for a minute and I said well yes, there is a store by the Aquarium that sells lots of Thomas items. (I was in complete SHOCK at what I heard and the connection he made)

1) The bridge we were going over was the way to get to the Aquarium (the restaurant)
2) There is a store that sells Thomas items – which is what he remembers
3) We have been back to the area (but not the restaurant or the Thomas store)
4) It’s been 5 years since we were at The Aquarium and he’s NEVER mentioned that Thomas store until we drove over the bridge the other day (and we’ve driven over that bridge several times in the last 5 years)

I keep getting amazed daily as to the clarity in his brain. He’s making a statement and asking questions about something that happened about 5 years ago and he’s never mentioned it before! I didn’t even realize HOW MUCH information he absorbed that day!

I am so curious as to what is truly in his mind.

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