Tyler’s Conversation and Interaction with his Doctor 5-16-18

Tyler went to the doctor for a possible jammed toe big toe.

1. Pain in toe since Saturday (no bruising, no redness, no swelling very bendable)

2. Tyler response to how it happened “I hit it on my bed” to me and to his sister “stung by a bee” (several years ago, Tyler did have a toe injury that was caused by stepping on a bee)

3. I need to see the doctor. I waited a few days and each day he asked, so I scheduled an appt.

4. In the preliminary information, Tyler revealed to the nurse taking the notes that his pain was on his left big toe. (I can not express how proud I was) Dr. walks in, Ok Tyler let me see this little toe that is hurting.

5. Dr. S it’s my big toe not my little toe (she smiled so big and I must’ve looked like a deer in the headlights)

6. When I was talking to the doctor and I said he has not described the level of pain it’s either a 1 or a 10 most of the time – Tyler (with earbuds in his ears watching his Thomas video) interrupted our conversation and said “pain is a 2 Dr. S and Mom”(I was in SHOCK – we’ve been working on pain levels for what seems like forever (really about a year) and it’s usually a 1, 8 or 10 for him to actually recognize a pain on a level other than “no pain or extreme pain” is such progress I wanted to jump up and down for joy in the office LOL – it’s the little things so maybe we are on the right track with all this pain level work)

7. I told Dr. S that this wasn’t going to begin to heal until she could give us a solution (LOVE THIS DR’S OFFICE).

8. She thoroughly examined the toe – interacting with Tyler, the pain went from the entire big toe, to just the joint on the big toe once she asked him to “point to the pain”
9. She asked me what do you usually give for pain or inflammation mom? I said Epsom bath soaks and certain oils, if the discomfort seems to be interfering with things then some Ibuprofen (but as little as possible).

10. Ok Mom, since the pain level is at a 2, I don’t want to expose him to radiation at this moment. If we can avoid the Ibuprofen since it all goes through the liver, let’s do that. How about some Epsom Salts soaks and what oils do you have and I mentioned things that could help allievate discomfort could be Cool Azul Cream, Cool Azul Oil or Pan Away oil.

11. Ok Tyler, let mom soak your toe in Epsom Salt then let her choose an oil to rub on your toe and see if things feel better after a few days.

12. Tyler, Ok Dr. S I will.

Dr. S – if things don’t improve then come back and we will discuss x-rays and other things.

This office has seen all the progress and improvements with Tyler. He’s been going to this office for about 13 years now. They are very pleased and try not to disrupt the regimen if possible because sometimes it’s just hard to believe where he was and where he is today.

It’s the baby steps that brings the excitement with the work you put into things.

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