Mother’s Day 2018

Oh my heart is so full. Tyler got these beads last week at school.

This morning he came to me:

T: “May 13 is Mother’s Day”
M: “yes it is”

Then he pulls these beads from behind his back & says:

T: “i want you to have these”
M: “Thank you Tyler but these are yours”
T: “i want you to give them to you”
M: “thank you, what a wonderful gift, I love it”
T: “i love you mom”
Tyler walks away.

So much in this moment. Feelings & emotions, voluntary giving up his possession, recognizing & understanding a recognition day, appropriate & accurate conversation, unprompted.

Something so small is so powerful

#progressnotperfection #detox #yleo #kindness #purplebeads #oilyspectrum #mothersday



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