He made a decision for his IEP and Morning Structured routines 4-30-18

This morning I was sitting back reflecting our morning routines and school routines. Since Tyler was little, I always tried to have some sort of routine that somewhat stays in place year round (it changes as things change in our lives).
You can look back through blog posts that will talk about routines and our morning routines. Example (when he was in PPCD and 1st grade – I used to have him write on this lunch sack, his name and the date – this to help with calendar skills and handwriting skills)

Fast forward to the present and so amazed at his progress:
School routine – I wake him up between 515a and 530a (I think like most people he needs time to “wake up” before we are out the door at 615a (tues-fri as we have therapy on Monday mornings). I have laid out for him, his morning vitamin regimen with his ningxia red drink and a banana. His lunch is made and in the refrigerator and his breakfast is made and sitting on the counter.

Most of the time he tends to his responsibilities without much prompting from me. – to get up within 10-15 minutes after I start waking him up. (he does). He selects his own clothes and gets dressed. Washes his face and brushes teeth (this is a little bit more of a struggle, at night 0 problems, mornings are a struggle LOL – I will take what I can get). He eats his banana and takes his all his vitamins and drinks his Ningxia Red. He gets his lunch box and puts in his backpack. He gets a lunch sack and packs up his breakfast and puts in his backpack. He puts his backpack in the living room along with his school ID and his headphones, he then goes to his room for his youtube time LOL, he here’s the alarm on my phone at 615a and asks me “Mom are you ready to go” –
This progress is so amazing. I don’t want to constantly be nagging him about what to do in the mornings (no one likes to be nagged much less in the mornings BUT you have to keep focused on a morning routine). Some days he asks for calming oils and other days he does not.

He functions better with a structured routine (common for AU individuals) but the fact that he can do all this in the morning without prompts from me is so much progress. I want him to be as independent as possible in our home. I will be incorporating additional things next year (or I hope too LOL)

NEXT – big big big deal!!!! Tyler will be starting vocations next year instead of in the 11th grade (this is a new pilot program to make the transition for vocations training in the 11th grade a little smoother – and Tyler has been selected to be a part of it. Since most know I am all about life functions and let the academics fall where they may – this made me very happy and proud for his selection – his behavior also had a lot to do with being selected)

He can only have 1 elective since he will be doing this vocation and so there has to be a choice between PE and Art. His teacher sent me a message and said that he was struggling to make this decision – sooooo I worked on this over the weekend. He wanted to do both (not fully understanding what the vocations meant)

Over the past couple of days (not all at once as he has to have time to process what I am telling him – when he starts verbal stimming and I know I need to stop and let him process) I first explained that 9th grade would be ending in May. That we have ESY in June and that 10th grade starts in August. That in 10th grade he can have Art or PE but not both. One of his new things is saying “I am curious as to……” So he asked me, I am curious why I can’t do both and what is vocations. So I briefly told him there is not enough time to do both, that he’s growing up and learning new things and has to pick 1. He went back and forth on Art and PE and saying he can’t decide. He also said I AM ANXIOUS. I told him it’s hard to make decisions sometimes but I want HIM to make this decision. So he would decide, then I would come back later and ask again. I waited until I got 3 same response answers before I secured the fact of which class he decided to take. I tried using the number scale, that didn’t work LOL. I tried asking which one makes you happy (they both make him happy) so I told him, then you have to pick 1, so Art it shall be! We go to our revision ARD on Friday – to make revisions for the new vocations program and to remove Adaptive PE from his electives. I reassured him it’s all good (as Pete the Cat would say) and that this is part of growing up – we have to make changes and that I will be here to help him and so will the teachers and that I know he can do this!

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