Money & Memory

When the memory really starts coming about – but yesterday – oh my my a couple of things.

1) Money, counting, understanding, earning are very high priorities in many of the things I teach Tyler. This is always in his IEP math goals and has been since elementary school.
Now Tyler knows how to count – so adding the #’s of money together isn’t the issue. Adding coins to bills is and adding coins to coins is also an issue.
Yesterday he was counting out his money to see if he had saved enough to buy a train and without any prompting from me he counted his bills and then said “now let’s add some coins” THEN he mixed it up he didn’t just add quarters (to make a $1.00) he actually added various coins and without prompting ADDED THE COINS TO THE BILLS! I can’t tell you what a massive step this is! His new/used train will be there by the 7th!
2) That Memory Bank of his is working strongly – see that wagon in the picture? We were driving down the road and there was a wagon in a driveway that looked just like this and Tyler says:  “Mom pulls baby Tyler in the green basket with wheels in 2004” I can’t tell you how puzzled I was. I always have to stop and think and I was yes that is correct. He says “I remember” and I am thinking to myself you were 2 – are you sure your remember (I didn’t say it but I thought it) and then I told him, the basket is called a “wagon” and not all wagons are red. I said what else do you remember about that wagon. He said, pulled around in the street and the grass and around the trees. I am just in SHOCK at this point. I said yes. I said, there is a picture on my computer of this wagon, when we get home, I will show it to you. So I pulled up this picture and he said “yes that is the green basket with wheels, I mean wagon” I said do you remember what else you used to do in that wagon? I could see his mind thinking and I said, do you remember this wagon being on the ramp? Tyler “Yes, roll down the ramp into the fence and tree” WOW – he was right! Now we had this wagon for years – so many of these memories are ones from several years. But it is amazing how seeing 1 thing, triggered memories and he was able to speak of those memories (all appropriately and accurately). I remember reading about Temple Grandin’s words “Thinking in Pictures” and I know not everyone on the spectrum is a massive visual learner and thinker, but I’ve known for a while that Tyler is and when she discusses how seeing or hearing something, can trigger a file cabinet of stored pictures and memories, I am seeing this in action more and more each day!

I am just amazed at what information keeps coming from him. Things that are starting to click. Don’t ever give up. Just be patient, be repetitive, be supportive and go at their pace.
I give all the glory to God and I am grateful that Young Living products came into our lives. Detoxing our home, our bodies and trying to maintain chemical free living and utilizing natural methods seems to be helping so much!

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