Parents/Caretakers we need to take care of ourselves too

When I quit smoking 5 years ago and went through the change of life, my body fell apart. I am putting it back together even though all the kings horses and all the kings men couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty back together again.
YLEO NINGXIA RED (Powerful Antioxidant Drink, YLEO Supplements, Chemical free cleaning in my home (Thieves Household Cleaner). YLEO Oral Care. We use Aluminum Free deodorant. I make our body soap and laundry soap. We us chemical free shampoo and I began eating a ketogenic diet. The toxin removal from my life have helped me on the path to wellness restoration.

I need to be as healthy as possible for Tyler as long as possible. Tyler and I each of a wellness journey 🙂

Young Living has so many options for health and wellness you are able to create your individual needs for your own personal journey – it’s definitely not a 1 size fits all! Until I started on my YL journey, I honestly never realized the amount of toxins were in my home and that I put in my body. I also can’t get over the money I save by making our own products and using natural products (you definitely don’t need as much when they are natural) and the THHC is so concentration it lasts a long time.  I just didn’t realize how the toxins affected both of us.
Begin your journey today.[1]


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