Video Circulating from the Today Show

This video really hit home.  So much truth to this, as a parent of a severely autistic child, I quit living in the “what could be” the “one in a million” and started living in “reality” our “reality” and life is what it is. Yes he’s made massive improvements and progress, but it doesn’t stop time, it doesn’t stop his “needs” which are a lot. Most parents think about the “last time” My “last time” in reality with my son is when I die. I pray for independence but I live in reality. I am truly preparing my son for a life under my roof, until I can no longer care for him or until I die. Most parents prepare their kids for a life without them. This is some harsh realities. This is not looking for empathy or sympathy but it’s real. The spectrum is broad. Hollywood only reveals high functioning spectrum disorders – it doesn’t share the real life severe autism and lower functioning autism. I am grateful for each day. Tyler has made me a better person, a more compassionate and understanding person but it doesn’t change who he is. I don’t give up hope for independence, but I live and prepare for reality. You see me constantly sharing Tyler’s improvements because he’s already achieve milestones that I was told would probably never happen, but we have so far to go. Tyler’s time is different than society time. Autism is different for so many families.




One thought on “Video Circulating from the Today Show

  1. I can relate. I have a 9 year old son with autism and was also told that he wasn’t learning enough to communicate with family or just with people in general. I didn’t listen. I just kept my faith in him and trusted that he is making me proud of him in whatever he achieves no matter what. Now, he’s constantly awarded from his school for student of the month, improvement in his math skills and most importantly of course, far more better in his communication skills. I couldn’t ask for anything else in the world. I am forevermore grateful for his progress and for always giving me a reason why the good Lord wakes me up every day. Thank you for sharing! 🙂💛


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