Adventures of Getting a State ID

I am wiped out and SOOOOOO PROUD of Tyler!!!!! First it was the dentist. Then it was the attempt to get his State I.D. – so we went to the Webster location and they were PACKED and the staff was very inconsiderate – I am going to chock that up to them having a bad day, but God was in control….. we go to the Pasadena office, they person was so sweet and kind and when I told her that Tyler was Autistic, she said, her, let me give you a different ticket and you go stand in line, we did, 3 people later we were at the counter. Well I FORGOT my utility bills for proof of residency sitting on my desk so we had no choice but to leave an come back – She told me to use the same #, just walk in and come get back in line. We come home, eat lunch and go back. I reviewed all my paperwork to make sure I had everything! We go back, get back in line go through the whole process, finger prints, scan, Tyler writing his name on the lines, etc and they notice and then I notice that Tyler’s doctor didn’t complete his medial ID # on the form WHAAAATTT – how could I missed that! So YES I could call, but guess what it was 5 minutes until 12:00 – yep you guessed it answering service on until 130 – geez – so we head back to the truck to wait, yes wait, at this point I am getting frustrated but only at myself, and I pulled out the Bottle of Stress Away I keep in my purse and Tyler said “Do you need to calm down?” I said “yes, Mom made a mistake and I am little frustrated at myself” he said o.k. I asked if I could rub some on his neck and he said “sure” and went back to playing with the games on the kindle and alternating with his spinner. God is still in control, this I know and I am seeing it in action. At 130 the doctor’s office answers, I get what I need and we go back in for a 3rd time (Tyler never complaining or misbehaving) we complete the process and we are outta there and back home by about 230. (We still have tutoring to go to today LOL) He was UNBELIEVABLE cooperative today, all the back and forth, in a strange and busy facility and cooperating with instructions, including standing appropriately for pictures, taking finger prints and signing his name! Not 1 meltdown through all this (and we know what the moon is like right now!) We go through today without one mention of a “reward” (I would’ve used, I will get you ice cream, etc if I needed) but I DID NOT need to reinforce today with reward I AM THRILLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEDDDDDD about this. God’s hand in this was 1) we needed to be at the Pasadena office not the Webster off for all the bumps we were getting ready to encounter 2) helping us both stay calm 3) each time we entered the facility, the crowd was a little less and 4) The staff (we had 2 different ladies) were amazing with him and the “greeter” was just precious and spoke in such a kind gentle way. God knew where I needed to be to get this done!
I am sooooooooo grateful for the progress Tyler has made with the YL regimen. His regimen helps support so many areas for Tyler. Chemical free living inside our home has truly helped with developing brain. The supplements target various areas of Tyler’s neurological, digestive and immune support systems. The oils in addition to many other things have been a life saver in the calming and focus ends of things. I’ve been YL for about 4 years and he’s been using the product for a little over 2 years. It’s not just 1 thing, it’s definitely a combination of the items I am using. I have incorporated slowly and I am not done yet, I am moving forward in my plan!!!!

I pray that he and I don’t have days like this frequently because I would not want to push that envelope that intensely all the time, but when it’s a “necessity” and not an “option” sometimes we just have to buckle down and take the ride – this time the ride was a successful one! Not sure what tomorrow will bring, but I am counting my blessing for today!

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