It’s not all about behavior & communication

I often speak of Tyler’s improvements in relation to his speech, anxiety, and sensory issues. But I also realized something this weekend after making a list for Tyler’s doctor of the “foods he eats”
When learning of his diagnosis back in 2008, I really jumped on the bandwagon of the GF/CF diet and after doing further research removed things like yeast, HFCS and soy.
Now, when you have a child with sensory issues and autism, restricting what little foods they already like to eat can be difficult. But I did. Several years ago, this was Tyler’s basic diet: Fritos, Tostitos, Yogurt, French Fries. That was his staple.

When the taste improvements of gluten free foods, I was able to incorporate pizza and spaghetti but not without some struggle.

I was making that list and was very surprised how over time and the way I approached the serving of the food how much his diet has improved. When I say the way I approach things, I will put stuff in the spaghetti sauce or throw it in a taco shell. I still use GF bread and wraps. HE does go off dietary restrictions and because his diet is more restrictive in the home environment, I don’t fret so much when he’s off the restriction outside the home. I also incorporate using JuvaFlex Vitality Essential Oil when he does eat off restriction to help cleanse the liver and digestive system.

He will now eat without resistance:
Meats/proteins: Eggs (prefers on a sandwich or in a wrap), Bacon (I use sugar free & nitrate free bacon), breakfast sausage, bratwurst sausage, chicken meat & turkey meat (I normally bake or cook up to use in tacos or spaghetti), the little beanie weenies (not often), smoked sausage (not often) steak (at times) hamburger meat. GF, nitrate free hotdogs and lunchmeat (nitrate free), ham (and will eat it the way I make it w/o the brown sugar glaze), he will nibble on pork roast and chuck roast. Chicken strips and chicken nuggets.

Vegetables: He will eat Romaine, Green Leaf, Red Leaf & Iceberg lettuce (I seldom buy ice burg lettuce) he will eat tomatoes in small amounts, but loves cucumbers and carrots. He will eat a salad with no dressing on it! He eats fresh spinach leaves almost daily. I can put frozen kale or spinach in spaghetti sauce (I do watch my brands buying ones with very little sugar) He will eat zucchini when I make it as a lasagna and he now eats homemade French fries instead of frozen. He will eat tater tots if I am cooking with them.

Fruits: Bananas, green grapes, apples, oranges, watermelon, cantaloupe, pineapple, strawberries, blueberries.

I am not a fan of dairy products, but he will now eat cheese, including goat cheese (which I prefer to use for him – when making lasagna) – he doesn’t really care for yogurts anymore and I am ok with that.

He will eat gf bread and wraps and crunchy taco shells, still eats Tostitos and Fritos. I use GF hot dog buns.

He likes mustard and ketchup on his burger and most of the time will eat his fries without ketchup. (I really limit ketchup intake) he will eat mayo but it’s not his first choice (thank goodness).

He will drink unsweetened vanilla coconut milk. He drinks water (plain and flavored with YL vitality brand of essential oils ) and Powerade zero (one of my next things to phase out) and he now drinks herbal teas (chamomile tea at night). He also drinks Bone Broth and Ningxia Red.
Of course he likes junk food, cakes, cookies, donuts, sodas, candy, gum, popcorn, and things like this. I normally won’t have these in the home, so when he’s outside the home, a party a school, buying his lunch in the cafeteria on Fridays, at someone’s house, I don’t fight him on these things. If they are in the home, I just limit the amount he gets. He will eat pigs in a blanket and these amazing chicken cups. As much as I don’t like too either, I will use these “junky” foods as rewards (with Autism, sometimes you just do what you have to do)

I occasionally buy him donuts, especially if he is helping me at the grocery store. He get Taco Bell (yuk lol) on Thursdays and he gets another choice on Sunday after church (and that will include a vanilla shake). In doing these things I don’t Supersize or get the largest of the meals. (Mondays there is always JuvaFlex vitality in the daily capsule blend)
I make a couple of casseroles, both using tater tots and one using cream of mushroom soup and the other a garlic alfredo sauce (he loves both of these casserolles)

One other thing, as things improve in the communication and sensory area – he’s more apt to “try” something and will verbally express if he likes or does not like the way it tastes. I reassure him that he does not have to like everything he tastes. This is a big big big improvements.
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