Conversation Progress 6-4-17

When you receive your Autism diagnosis, and for some, additional diagnosis (which may change over time – the additional diagnosis that is) you sort of take a step back and start listening to the hundreds of thousands of questions that run through your mind. 

You might take to the internet to do research (which you should) but don’t believe everything you read.  If you see the words “cure” stay away from the article.  If you see something extreme i.e. “those bleaching articles” stay away. I have all sorts of faith in parents that they can read and learn about their child’s diagnosis and then to take the steps to manage the diagnosis.  Remember “diseases” are “curable or terminal” and disorders are “manageable” and that management is a lifetime procedure.

Some of the traits of Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder that Tyler displays are anxious feelings, impulsive behaviors, and aggression.  After trying to manage these with diets Since Tyler’s diagnosis in 2008, I began the approach through diet and have maintained the majority of that regularly.  (yes, I do slack from the restrictions at times depending on the situation, but mostly at home, it’s strict, again slacking at times, but for the most part his diet – this is gluten free, casein free, yeast free, high fructose corn syrup free, processed sugar free.  I attempt to have him clean eat as much as possible even today) and other therapies it still was slowly getting worse and to prevent him becoming a “behavior” problem I agreed to try what is called “medical restraints” i.e. medication.  I agreed to do this as I continued therapy dealing with emotions and frustration feelings.   In early 2011, after a few months of trying to find the right medication, a psychiatrist wanted to try Abilify in dosages that are approved for treating the traits that Tyler displayed.   I was very hesitant and did shed many tears over this. Since he couldn’t communicate how the medication made him feel, I knew it was a weight gainer medication, and would be cause many problems with the heat.

Tyler slowed up so much it was unbelievable.  I was able to work on his anger, frustration, and coping skills (not perfected yet, but better than it was).  In 2015, I began using essential oils to help with calming behavior, both topical and diffusing.  I would decrease the medication as I increased the essential oil usage. I was a Young Living Member, after researching their seed to seal process, which guarantees 100% and therapeutic grade oils – no other on the market has this process and is this pure, I began using these oils on him for calming (Peace & Calming, Stress Away, Lavender and Cedarwood).  Within 1 year I had his prescription medication reduce to ½ the dosage.

I began to consider other products from Young Living, specifically their Mindwise product which helps support brain health. I read a lot of information and watch a lot of YouTube videos about this product.  I was also very interested in the Ningxia Red and Mineral Essence (trace minerals) and read up on their ingredients and how it could improve the body.   When I spoke with his psychiatrist about this, he said, I just ask that you be cautious with any natural ingredient that works with neurotransmitters or brain health since his prescription medication works in these areas.  So, I told him, let me continue to work on reducing the medication to see if we can wean him off, he agreed.  In June of 2016, I had reduced his amount by 1 ¾ of the dosage amount and the psychiatrist directed me on how to completely wean him off the remainder of the way.  In June 2016, I weaned Tyler off Abilify, with the approval and supervision of his psychiatrist.

In June of 2016 I began incorporating Mindwise, Ningxia Red and Mineral Essence into his regimen.  Mindwise targets brain health and Ningxia Red and Mineral Essence is high antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and very crucial trace minerals.  I also make an ingestible capsule with YL’s vitality lines using oils that target to detoxing the liver and kidneys, immune boosters, and seasonal difficulties.  About 3 months later I also added YL’s Super B (overall health) and Sulfurzyme (immune and gut health) to his regimen (which does include non YL products which are extra D3, high grade Fish Oil, extra C, extra Turmeric, extra calcium, probiotics.) I have used these products PRIOR to YL products, but adding the YL regimen has made so much difference in his progress.  I still use the calming blend for “calming” and can use several times as day as needed.  I do believe in gut and brain connection and I also believe in detoxing the body too. 

In the one year of changing up this supplement.  Tyler’s speech has improved such as extension of words used in sentences, being able to respond to some questions, being able to have a very simple few sentence conversation, being able to express some of his true wants or desires.  When Tyler started saying words his speech was VERY echolaliac, now he’s still echolaliac but not as severe as it was.  We have done a lot of continued therapy with the abstract thinking including who, what, when, why and where concepts in speech and this regimen seems to be helping him with this way of thinking.    We are still working on his 3rd person speech.  He’s very much of a concrete thinker and has difficulty thinking outside of this.  Since this regimen I am seeing small accomplishments in these difficulties and I am thrilled. I am noticing in his golf lessons that he’s comprehending some of the verbal instructions by his coach.  Tyler has difficulties in verbal processing.  I am seeing improvement in memories, he’s expressing things from the past that I never thought he was paying attention too.   He has tried things that I never thought he would try and has expressed his desire of things he does not want to do.  He became of a member of the National Junior Honor Society this year.  Sometimes I do have to push him to try things, but it doesn’t result in a meltdown.   I still take into consideration his sensory issues when encouraging events.   We will continue with this regimen (tweak as needed) and continue with speech therapy (which does include work at home and trying to engage in conversation with Tyler), will continue to work on verbal instructions (small instructions) and will continue with who, what, when, why and where concepts, calendar work, etc. continue to use visuals as needed.  He’s still very delayed in all areas BUT the improvement has been incredible!! Struggles with comprehension, but it’s progress not perfection.     If you want more information on Tyler’s current regimen, please feel free to email me at: 



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