Medication Free Surf Camp = 5-19-17 Waves of Impact!

We’ve done 4 other Waves of Impact but Tyler was on prescription medication each time.  This time was different NO MEDICATION.  I did use plenty of calming oils before we left the house and he participated 100%. The water was cold, the wind was blowing and there were waves (seldom are there this many waves).  He did great. We then went walking on the strand and into various stores, he cooperated and never became elevated. He indicated he was hungry (around lunch time) and we found a restaurant to eat at.  We were at the Confectionary Store and I asked if he wanted an ice cream cone and he said “no he was hungry” LOL  Ok then.  He came home and cooperated with taking a bath (to get off all the saltwater)  He was hoping his teacher would be impressed with his surfing (which she was). We go early in the morning, avoiding the main crowds in everything giving  him an opportunity to experience the fun.

Young Living Regimen is doing wonders in supporting SPD and various autism traits.  IMG_8965IMG_8967IMG_8968IMG_8971IMG_8972






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