The current regimen 6-6-17

Most know ive been managing Tyler’s diagnosis with supplements for a long time. YL products have helped me do away with many & incorporate high quality options.

When you research vitamins and supplements you will find that it’s difficult to take just one thing to address all things. When you begin to learn your body or your child’s body you begin to target certain areas to improve the wellness in certain areas. I always encourage people to do their research I am guilty of not researching things at times and I’m guilty of over researching things at times. But I have learned in my research related to Tyler’s diagnosis  that there are certain things that he needs more of and certain things I need to target in other areas. area Young Living provides so many options. I love young living products I make two capsules every morning for him consisting of the vitality essential oils . These target detoxing liver and kidney it also targets boosting the immune system and it also targets seasonal difficulties. The majority of the oils used also have more than just one benefit to them. As time goes along I have to tweak the regiment if he’s under the weather I may have to increase some things or add some other things to that regiment. One capsule is strictly a seasonal discomfort capsule.  I can get a total of 15 drops into each of these capsules so I add one drop of coconut oil and then the drops. The sulfurzyme I provide to him for overall health gut health and to help reduce inflammation in the body. The super B is one of the best vitamin B vitamins I have ever taken and in any person and especially a growing child be vitamins are crucial. The mineral essence is ionic trace minerals when you research trace minerals and you see how crucial they are to the body you will find that you will want to start taking trace minerals. I’ve taken many in the past and they’re very difficult to consume because of the taste even in capsule form but the Young living brand has a cinnamon taste to it. I make Tyler two capsules or I apply transdermally to the back of his knees. He is so ticklish that this is hard to do, but with transdermal absorption you get the benefit without it breaking down in the digestive process.  The average suggested amount of this product (based on 150lb person) would be 5 to 7 of these capsules,  since we drink ningxia red I only make him two capsules of mineral essence because he’s receiving the additional trace minerals in the ningxia red. In the cup I combined a tablespoon of mind wise and 2 ounces of Ningxia red. You will see in the bottom left corner there are a few vitamins that are not young living products. In managing Tyler’s diagnosis and over all health each of these products serve a purpose and target a particular area and not only do they improve his physical health which a physical healthy body does not need to consume OTC products or prescription products as often it also improves his gut health & neurological health. If your body is under the weather and needs these products then it can utilize those Products in a much more efficient manner as opposed to having a tolerance builds up to them or the body be in already so full of toxins that it’s not making much difference. I have been able to reduce a lot of things from Tyler’s body and it is improving. He used to take OTC Claritin daily he now takes it on an as needed basis. He’s 2 1/2 years into a fluoride free toothpaste and fluoride free mouthwash not only is the fluoride a chemical that he’s no longer consuming all of the other ingredients in your regular toothpaste and mouthwash he’s not receiving. In addition to making these changes is the therapy and things of this nature still crucial yes it is does he get under the weather yes he does but not as frequentand can overcome it a lot easier. He takes all of the stuff just fine now I can leave it out he wakes up he eat his banana he takes all of these things without me even having to tell him. Obviously it didn’t start like that but he has been taking large amounts of supplements for many years so to transition him over to young living products was not really a problem and I have a method in order to incorporate all of this was at first you take the stuff and you get a little piece of peppermint. Eventually I just withheld the peppermint as he takes the products. My health is just as crucial because I need to be here to take care of him the regiment I take is similar to this one but we are individuals and that’s the one thing about the amazing young living journey is it individualized and you the individual gets to put together what works for you and your family.

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