September 15, 2012

Been trying for a while to get Tyler to eat spaghetti, which he won’t do, just an alternative to the Goat Lasagna he loves so much.  I’ve tried different shape noodles & sauce and no success. (well i was having success until HEB stopped carrying Bob the Builder noodles – lol – their Thomas noodles are not gluten free but Bob the Builder were!)

Well TODAY I had success – well not spaghetti, but an alternate to Goat Lasagna –

I got the gluten free Penne noodles cooked them, added the Sauce and sprinkled the top with goat cheese and baked long enough for the cheese to get really soft – about 20 minutes (Goat cheese does not melt like other cheeses)

So then, of course, it has to cool down to room temperature or his preference – refrigerator temp lol

I introduced this to him as LASAGNA STICKS – lol – at first he was very stand-offish to it kept saying it was “messy” (really coming from the boy who covers himself in mud???) so I waited a while, kept it out on the table and we would discuss it now and then.  I then put some on the fork and encouraged him to try it.  It took him a while to chew and swallow it.  He then said mmmmmm.  So I left that out for him to test with.  I put up the rest in small containers in the fridge.  Before I knew it, he had eaten that plate and opened another container and I said “more?” he said Lasagna sticks mmmm.

So success in adding another item to his food intake and something that i enjoy as well.

There ya have it, simple, easy – LASAGNA STICKS – a play on words, same ingredients, different presentation!!!!!!!    (It costs less than making the 9×13 pan of lasagna as the bag of noodles is cheaper than the box of lasagna noodles and it takes only 1 package of goat cheese instead of 2 for the lasagna!)


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