May 26, 2012

Our Wal-mart trip this morning was a success and oddly a pleasure.  He got his Ice Cream reward (this freaking ice cream is sooooo expensive but it’s caesin free and gluten free and delicious) – AND AND AND his movie award – no grumbling or meltdown at the movie bin when i told him to pick out only 1 movie he kept digging thru them and saying 1 movie and he did pick out 1 movie. Then we had to WAIT in line (at 700a – seriously – yes seriously) he says – Mommy and Tyler have to wait in line – he couldn’t stand still but he wasn’t a handful – THEN as always he helps me unload – and when we were leaving – an elderly lady in one of the drivable buggies dropped some make-up and she had been watching Tyler and had read his shirt – I TRY TO MAKE SURE HE WEARS AN AUTISM SHIRT WHEN WE DO THINGS LIKE THIS – and she asked me – can he pick that up for me – and i said – let’s see – so I squatted down where the make up was and I said Tyler come here, can you pick this up – and he bends down and says – “oh wait, I’ll get it” and he did and I said Tyler – hand it to her and he did and said “here ya go” and she said thank you young man you are a gentleman and I said Tyler turn around and tell her thank you – Tyler turned and said “thank you” (softly but he said it), we turned to walk off and I turned to the lady and I said to her “thank you for your kindness”  and she said, “thank you for your kindness” and me, Tyler and of course Blue began our journey out the doors of wal-mart.    I couldn’t help but smile and I could feel the tear of joy swelling in my eye. It was a great trip for Tyler, he complied, helped and was very very good today and the kindness of a stranger to Tyler warmed my heart.       🙂544800_420871164600652_131303746_n


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