December 17, 2012 – finally decided to try medication

I’ve been struggling with the fact of putting Manimal on medication after his incidents this past March. I’ve sought the guidance from his behavorial psychologist along with his psychiatrist and after attempting 1 medication and it was such a disaster and caused so much regression, I was more hesitant than ever.  I attempted some alternative products, which I absolutely loved, but they are very costly and due to location and costs I can’t seek the guidance from the doctor that works with the products.  Other natural products, have worked, but not for long.  So after the disaster of regression, I spent two months working on getting him back to a starting point, because Manimal’s behavior and extreme pattern setting just got out of control.  The cost of ABA therapy is so expensive and even though the psychiatrist recommended it, he’s “aged out” for the services I could receive under insurance (ages 3-8). So I began learning about ABA (a lot of which I already apply with him) checked out materials from the school’s autism library and began training myself.  There is still a couple of things I will be doing bio-medically in the future but I have to get this in place first (one step at a time)  

After a third psychiatry visit, lots of notes from his teacher and lots of notes from myself and lots of research on the medication suggestions, lots of prayer, additional discussions with the psychiatrist, I agreed to try Resperidone (Respirdal).  She did however encourage me to maintain the dietary restrictions that I have in place for him and his vitamin regimen since those have brought him this far to the best that I can Tyler has been and will remain (GF/CF (improved eye contact and starting speaking), yeast free (yeast causes aggression), HFCS free (contains mercury), aspartame free (affects neurological development), refined sugar free (sugar weakens the immune system among other things), caffiene free (does not need additional energy). His vitamin regiment is multi-vitamins, immune system vitamins, omega 3’s and probiotics.  We will continue with OT and Speech at school and OT and speech out of school. I go Wednesday for training on the 5 point emotion scale which will be incorporated into the classroom and OT and Speech therapies as well.  This to help teach Tyler is levels of emotions and frustration and to recognize when he’s hitting overload so he can take a break and handle the situation(s) that he feels are causing him grief.

Tyler began his medication on Wednesday and the results have been great (this is a medication that if it works will last from about age 9-15 (they don’t know why but it seldom works after that) as always starting out on the most minimal dose.  I’ve seen a sense of calmness in Tyler (the boys STILL has more energy than the energizer bunny – lol) but the anxiety and tension seem to show signs of relief.  I expect no perfection in this as he like us all is human and he’s going to have many bumps in the road.

I received the most precious and blessed gift yesterday.  We went to church and did our normal routine at church. When the service began Tyler came into the sanctuary with me and SAT, yes SAT beside me.  He sat (and stood when the service called for it) for 40 CONSECUTIVE MINUTES.  He attempted to sing hymns and smiled at me and followed with his finger EVERY part of the bulletin.  I kept to our routine leaving after the sermon (this puts us in church for 45 minutes when we leave  after the sermon).   I had church members whispering to me how proud of him they were. I told him I was so proud of him and he said “thank you Mommy”.  Thank goodness it was raining while we were walking out, because tears of joy were streaming down my face.  When we were driving to JIB – we drove past  a tree lot with an inflatible Santa and he said “Santa Claus and Baby Jesus’ b-day” I said, Christmas Day, December 25 is the day that Santa visits and celebrates Baby Jesus’ b-day (he has been listening!!!!!!)  His words seem much clearer and he’s been more polite than usual (something even the teacher notice).

So this is our new beginning, I am fully aware that there will be tweaking along the way and I may be limited on time (a few years) to get behavorial management into a better place and there maybe changes in medications, dosages, or addition of other meds along the way. I as always am a firm believer in bio-medical treatments and I praise the Lord for those that can because the more that can, the more awareness will be brought to those treatments and possibly, someday in the future, be more affordable to those that choose that route.

The best gifts always come without price tags.  The day Tori & I were baptized was a joyous day. When I watched Tori take her first communion, I was so warm inside, when Tyler was baptized I felt covered in peace and yesterday’s church attendance brought more HOPE into my life than anything I could imagine.  For my baby to  sit and participate in church and sing songs of worship was priceless.  To know Tyler 5 years ago this wasn’t possible, I quit taking Tyler to church when he was about 2-3 years old.  About 2 years ago I started taking Tyler back and we sat in the lobby of the church and we’ve just progressed from there.

God is amazing and when we learn to live in God’s time, not ours, to not question His purpose, to praise Him in all storms, and  to seek working for Him amazing things will 316635_507677639253337_1224847794_nhappen.  ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE THROUGH CHRIST!


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