March 8, 2017

Tyler has made massive improvements and progress but it doesn’t mean autism or autistic behaviors have disappeared. It does mean that the behaviors are fewer and farther between and that how he handles situations are getting better.
Yesterday Tyler had an incident in the classroom and his teacher and I were not pleased with his behavior BUT we were pleased with all the “words and communication”. The behavior could also be typical teenaged rebellion behavior (sometimes it’s hard to distinguish between the two).
Yesterday Ms. Nutt was in a meeting. Tyler sneezed – Ms. G gave him some tissues.
Tyler “Ms. G, I don’t need tissues.” So a few minutes later Ms. G looked and the tissues were on the floor and she asked Tyler to pick them up and he did not and she waited. Then Tyler says “don’t call my mom. My mom’s at work” I agree with the teachers that this was interesting because it was not ever mentioned that I would be called. (this is a good to know (from past behaviors) that he knows I can be called when needed). He didn’t apologize to Ms. G.  Words were good, behavior was not LOL. I’ve asked him to apologize, let’s see if he does. He NORMALLY apologizes for his behavior yesterday he did not – ugh!
When they were getting ready to leave school, he told Ms. G that his tummy was hungry and that he wanted Tacos. I sent a message back asking her to remind him that after sports, he gets Tacos. When I picked him up from SPORTS, he did tell him he was hungry and wanted tacos. This is major simply because he doesn’t really recognize hunger or being full. He functions by a clock when it comes to eating. This is progress
Mr. T, Tyler’s 6th grade teacher visited Ms. N’s classroom and he was able to verbalize to one of the student helpers that this was Mr. T, he works at Baker and he told the student helper to shake Mr. T’s hand. (I’ve been working on hand shaking with Tyler and trying to get away from hugging) (I thought this was bossy but Ms. N said that Tyler did it in a polite way) – Memory of Mr. T and where he worked is GREAT and able to retrieve that and share with someone was even better!!!
Then Tyler gets home and tells me he saw Mr. T who works at Baker (lol that will forever be his connection with that) and he saw Ms. T (if you remember this is the para that got very ill and it was very upsetting to Tyler) and even took a picture with her. He said that Mr. T and Ms. T were in Ms. N’s classroom.
Some non pleasing behavior BUT lots of great words and brief conversations!!!!!! The a-typical “good day” was not the typical response and I didn’t have to ask questions to pull out information!

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