March 21, 2017

Tyler – “Ms. N read a book Jack and the Beanstalk”
(I was very curious to see if Tyler would answer questions – most of you know Tyler is VERY echolalic and has extreme verbal processing delay and difficulty in retrieving information and responding to questions)
So here is the conversation I just had

Me – “Was it a good book”

Tyler – “yes it was good”
Me – “who climbed the beanstalk”
Tyler (no hesitation) “Jack”
I smiled
Me – “who did he meet at the top of the beanstalk”
Tyler (no hesitation) “a giant”
Me – “where did the beanstalk come from”
Tyler – (a brief pause) “she threw the beans”
Me – “who threw beans”
Tyler – (no hesitation) “the mother”
Me – “whose mother”
Tyler – (pausing and thinking) “Jack’s mother”
Me – “why did she throw the beans”
Tyler – (no hesitation) “she was angry”
Me – “why was she angry”
Tyler – (pausing and thinking) “she was angry”
Me – “yes she was angry but what made her mad?”
Tyler – (without hesitation) “at Jack”
Me – “why was she mad at Jack?”
Tyler – (without hesitation) “no fruit or dairy”
Tyler walks off (I guess he had enough LOLOLOLOLOL but I tried to keep it going as long as I could)
This was absolutely AMAZING! Even though all I got out of Tyler about his day at school was that “it was a good day” and that was his friend “R” was feeling better (meaning she had returned to school from being out)
Who, what , when, where and why questions are almost NEXT TO IMPOSSIBLE for Tyler to answer! (This continues to be one of our speech therapy goals) Very little information is revealed about his days at school.
But this back and forth conversation and him telling me about the book was out of the blue and was appropriate and accurate (another huge accomplishment)

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