April 7, 2017

As most know I have Tyler on a regimen of EO’s for calming, detoxing, immune building and seasonal discomforts. I have Tyler on a supplement regimen (some YL and some not) for immune health, overall health and brain health. For the most part I also watch what Tyler eats, trying to keep the food as clean as possible. I try to maintain a GF/CF HFCS free, Yeast free and processed sugar free diet. I try to stay away from artificial sweetners such as aspartame. A combination of all of this has always made contributions to Tyler’s improvements in certain areas.
IN A NUTSHELL – Tyler and I have been on the EO journey now for about 2 ½ years. I started him off 1oz of Ningxia Red and then eventually increased to 2, replacing this amazing drink for his multi-vitamins and greens vitamins. I did the weaning over a period of two years, I began reducing prescription medication and strengthening his calming blend. It took me a little while because I like to try things for about 3 – 6 months before adding or reducing something. His prescription medication called for a 5mg max dose, I had him at 2mg when I began to wean him down. As I reduced the dose, I would increase the calming oils and Ningxia Red drink. In June Tyler’s psych doctor gave me guidance on how to completely wean him off since I had him down to 1mg.
Since Mindwise works on brain health and cognitive health, I waited until I weaned him off prescription medication to begin Mindwise. About 6 months after using Mindwise I began adding Mineral Essence (Trace Minerals). So in July of 2016 he began Mindwise and January I began adding Mineral Essence . (For those of you that are familiar with Trace Minerals they taste HORRIBLE but YL has the best tasting trace minerals – Also, they are ionic trace minerals and I think it’s 64) Trace Minerals are a necessity to our bodies, but even though the taste is better than others, it is still difficult to drink, so I either place it in a capsule (vegetarian capsules) or apply on the back of the knee (transdermal absorption). It is with the consistant daily consumption of Mindwise that I began to notice a lot of Tyler’s leaps and bounds improvements. I noticed improved cognitive health beginning with the Ningxia Red in the 7th grade, but the Mindwise really added to that and then also the Mineral Essence. These 3 combos have really helped create an overall health improvement and cognitive improvement.
I give praise to teachers, therapists, tutors, myself and family and friends who all contribute to Tyler’s progress but I have been supplementing Tyler for years but the improvements have not been as significant as they have been with YL products.

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