February 22, 2017

Yesterday, about 600p I had an appointment that I had to keep, could not reschedule, so Tyler HAD to go with me, this after a day of school and attending sports. We stopped by the house and I had him grab some books and then I slapped some oils on him as he really didn’t “want” to go.
We arrived right on time and thank goodness there was no “waiting” we went into the office for my appointment and he introduced himself (and me, Mom-Cathy) and then he sat with his books (had to ask him to read quietly like in church) and I began to have my meeting. (Told her that I hope we can do this in one sitting we may have to come back if he’s not able to handle this- she was fine with that)
He did very well, taking turns with books and my phone, but sitting patiently (THANK YOU FOR HIS CALMING BLENDS OF YOUNG LIVING OILS) – he did have a couple of moments here and there, but nothing that couldn’t be addressed with a “look” or a few “words”.
The meeting took about an hour and 1/2 and YES he made it through. At 730 (he could read the clock and the alarm on my phone was going off) he did get a little “elevated” as he knows that is his time that he takes his nighttime vitamins and fish oil. I reassured him that it was gonna be ok, we will take it as soon as we get home. I am grateful the meeting was coming to an end because this was just not going to work too well with the already off our normal schedule (autism is schedules!)
As we were leaving, the lady shared with me that they have member of their church who has an adult AU son and that they’ve seen the parents work intensely with their son and have seen him improve with ability to “tolerate” things and she said, I only met you today, but I can see that you’ve worked very hard with your son and he did an amazing job being patient today (THAT MADE ME SMILE!)
We made it home, took all his nighttime regimen and he went and had his “decompression time” with his trains, movies, computer, etc. in his room. I was concerned it was going to be a long night night since we were behind about 3 hours on our normal routine schedule BUT – just like clockwork at 1000p, he came out told me goodnight, gave me hugs, brushed his teeth and turned off the lights to go to sleep (THIS IS A NEW ROUTINE THAT HE HAS ESTABLISHED HIMSELF – THE SHUTTING DOWN AT 1000P FOR BED!)
God is good all the time! I am sooooooooo grateful for Ningxia Red, Mindwise, Sulfurzyme, Super B and the daily capsules I make for Tyler and his calming roller bottle blend and his chemical free oral care, all from Young Living. I am grateful for his other supplements too. I am grateful for slowly reducing the chemicals from him and detoxing his body (two of the drops in the capsules help support liver detoxification).

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