Friday Changes

Fecal bacteria is high at the beach today, so no beach today. We are both sad over that. But he will get his Friday morning activity (bowling) and then we will take Miss Tammy some diet cokes and visit her at the hospital (first time for this type thing for him) and it will be challenge. We won’t stay long, but she’s in inpatient PT from surgery – so it’s a different part of the hospital and will be a new experience. Then we will come home so I can complete work assignments and for him to do another load of towels (he is not pleased with this plan but I will push the envelope on his end of the plan). This is a little out of the norm for him but we will work through the challenges this morning and today.

Sunday morning is Adaptive Swim at SWP – we will not be attending. The options were SWP and Casa Ole (to eat lunch and pick up a friend’s b-day gift certificate) OR Church and Casa Ole (to eat lunch and pick up friend’s b-day gift certificate) he has said “I want to go to church and Casa Ole please” I’ve changed up the way I asked and he still picks church. He has a great time at the water park but he always says he doesn’t want to go LOL (but last time was very crowded and then he went with Verne Cox that same week and it was crowded and I know Sunday won’t be but I think for now that crowd memory is stronger than the fun). He did tell me there is a lot of people and he’s nervous (now this may be factual to him, I don’t know, but I do want to respect the fact that he has the right to feel the way he feels and is learning to express – possibly just appropriate not accurate but it could be accurate because the last 2 times he was there was a lot of people unlike all the other times) I am working on pushing the envelope at times but also pulling back and letting him make decisions. So Sunday is 100% his choice. Loving the progress with the change in regimen.

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