Ending Autism Awareness Month

what ends today for most (autism acceptance and awareness month) continues year round for our family. There will great days, good days and hell down days but every day is a blessing in some way. No matter how strong our faith it, the fear of the future for my son stays on the forefront of my mind. I will continue to meet him at his developmental level, then emotional level, then biological level. I will continue to try and expand his opportunities but respect the sensory overload and allow him to participate in some of the decision making when it may be sensory overload. I will not be concerned about hurting the feelings of others when I try to figure out the best paths for my son. I will continue to work with the school district but always fully aware that I am his first educator and they are secondary – they are here to help me but not take priority of my parenting. I will continue to research options (youtube is full of videos) and not rely solely on the district for guidance, and do not have to wait on them. I will remember it’s all about trial and error and thinking outside the box when it comes teaching my son. I will continue to use visuals in my home as long as I need to. I will continue to keep him on a cleaner regimen that improves his overall health along with his neurological health. I will continue with therapies. I will continue to teach him about Jesus. I will continue to help nourish the bond between him and his sister (yes autistics do have feelings they are just expressed differently). I will continue to share Tyler’s progress and journey, providing hope for others as I continue to follow the journey of others who inspire me with hope. I will support each family in the choices that they decide are best for the loved one on the spectrum. I will continue to pray for interdependence living and for it to be safe and not under the rule of the county, state or federal govt. but I will not feel like a failure if it becomes necessary. i will pray for good people to work in the field of caring for our loved ones, that abuse of companies (financially) and abusive caretakers and employees are punished to the fullest extent of the law. I will pray for our teachers, paras, bus drivers and monitors and pray that we are always blessed with good ones. I will continue to pray that the medical community and law enforcement communities learn more about the broadness of the spectrum. I will continue to support the work that advocates do in Austin and will be on their bandwagon writing to the necessary people and sharing our story when necessary. I will continue to be his mom the best way I know how. I want to give a shout out to all the amazing Autism Warrior Parents that I have met along with this journey and some I have developed some amazing friendships with people. I would’ve never known these individuals if it was not for Tyler. I don’t get upset with people because I was not aware of the spectrum until it became a part of my life. There are many diseases and disorders I know nothing about, because they are not a part of my life. This “awareness and acceptance” month ends for many but for our family, it’s just plain ole April 30, 2019, the last day of April.

#boycottauspeaks #anycolorbutblue #autismismorethanawareness #spectrumisbroad #autismyearround


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