ABA Therapy and Ballroom Dancing

ASDance for Autism Blog

Just read a fantastic article about ABA Therapy, demonstrating both the pros and cons within the same writing.  It is rare to see that, since most either focus on how great ABA is or on the contrary how abusive it is.  Just like everything, here too there are at least two sides to the coin… Black or white!  But I personally love sitting in the grey area.  It gives me better view of both sides and helps me choose the right one for the given case or moment.  Plus it allows me to the the wide spectrum of approaches that could be used.  I am a strong believer that no matter how good an idea, theory or approach may sound, none is perfect.  Textbooks, approaches, theories,…  should be only used as guidelines to free and enhance any process for them to be successful.  Blindly following the rules, just because those…

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