Dental & Vision & Making Choices

Dental appt went good this morning(still no cavities, stains (been 5 years on the stains which are beginning of cavities) have not worsen & dentist cooperates with no fluoride treatments). Been fluoride free for 5 years using YL oral products!  Dentist said brushing score was an 80.

Then we went to pick out frames for his glasses. That was a chore and his glasses should be here next week.  Had him pick out 3 frames, then had him try them on in different order, then I had him pick out 2, again tried on in different orders, then had him pick out 1.  Had him go back and forth a few times to get the same answer.   From the words, my nose, I believe he likes the way these frames fit on his nose.  Other ones were like sun glass one entire frame – and I think they were not as comfortable.  Letting him make decisions for his glasses. I am not sure I would’ve picked these, they look great and he likes them, and he is the one that has to wear them.

It was a very productive day, taking care of Tyler’s health!

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