Essential Oils and Medications

Remember – not anti-medications (we are currently on a medication vacation but I never say never in using them) just like to be informed of my options.

Christin Pivero‎
Sometimes people compare essential oils to medications, but in my experience, they are pretty much nothing like medications.

Medications have side effects and prescribed times one can take them so as to prevent an overdose.

Medications have inherent dangers and must be dosed by age.

Medications are known to damage vital organs.

They oftentimes have questionable ingredients from questionable sources.

They must be taken in an exact way or the results could be catastrophic.

They are sometimes recalled, they expire, and they need to be replaced regularly if not used enough before that expiration date.

Oftentimes one must take one medication to counteract the effects of another.

But oils are really nothing like medications, and they’re also not designed to be used like them.

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