Working on Sleep for Me

Ok, I’ve been working on sleep for me & Tyler. I change up what we use. I get 4-5 hours a night, yes I know we need 8 but my body does not get 8 lol. So I started thinking I need to make sure & get some deep sleep during those short hours. When I use YL oils I get about 2 hours of deep sleep. Ive changed our current sleep oils – I do this now and then, so our bodies don’t get desensitized to an oil(s). I have Rutavala (lavender, valerian & rue) YL sells this in the roll-on kit but had a special last month so I was able to buy 1. When I’m out of Rutavala I will blend lavender & valerian. I like to roll Tranquil (lavender, cedarwood & roman chamomille) my pillow no matter what blends I am using lol. Using the oils gives me another hour or so of deep sleep! Deep sleep is important! The 1-8 sleep I used no oils and I only got about 1 hour or so of deep sleep.

Other oils I have used for sleep: peace & calming, cedarwood, stress away, bergamot, vetiver, ylang ylang (any of those mixed with lavender of course)

Next to get Tyler to sleep with the monitor so that I can see how much deep sleep he’s getting – during the school year he gets about 6-7 hours of sleep a night.
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