The past couple of months great struggles and great improvements

What a busy month December was. Tyler’s birthday party was a success. Great bunch of young adults bowling, eating cake and pizza. We had been in preparation of this on the calendar, going over how the noise will be and he participated in baking his cake, including picking out type (Minions) kind (vanilla and chocolate) and color of icing.
The weekend before his birthday – he participated in Special Olympics Competition for Bowling. He took home the Silver Medal. Had great competitors in his group and great sportsmanship.

We went on a couple of social outings.
The month of December continues to be a very busy month with activities, gatherings, etc – I said no to many events (it is ok to say no)
Tyler was really having some difficult times at school with meltdowns and things (behaviors we’ve not seen since elementary school) so we tried to keep the activities even lower. I even let him stay home and sleep in a couple of school days (because he has to get up at 520a to go to school) it got pretty rough, over the Christmas break I started tweaking his regimen as he’s grown taller and gotten heavier – it seems like the increase amounts of product I’ve been giving him have been helping. No matter how much improvements there are – I never forget that “behaviors” are always possible.
Over the Christmas break, we made it to church several times (seldom do that in December). Tyler has been talking a lot, ASKING QUESTIONS which is a huge improvement (I sure do love Ningxia Red, Mindwise and Multigreens from YL).
I am really impressed with all the improvements he’s made this past year and especially several months. Including Cognitive health, improving in academics, improving in social activities. Been active in 2 after school groups.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Self-Advocacy classes through the Family to Family Network and learned a lot of information on a lot of different subjects. We’ve been working on more life skills at home and decision making on all sorts of things. His speech therapy is really helping is many things when it comes to communication and socialization.


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