Learning about self advocacy

Today was really informative. I have 3 more of a 4 class series on helping Tyler’s future and teaching him to become a self advocate. It is really amazing about the history and the present for those disabled, differently abled (however you want to state it) and what the future holds. I really learned a lot and learned I have a lot to do. As Tyler’s brain improves I hope to see him flourish in this area. I met some great people, had some amazing conversations and loved hearing from those who maneuver very well through county, state and federal systems but I really enjoyed hearing from some self advocates (young adults) which gave me hope for Tyler. The disabled community is just like the non disabled community, they are individuals, they should be treated and recognized for themselves just like all of us. My thought process on Tyler’s future, how I see Tyler and my personal goals (which I will very soon shift to his goals) really took a turn. I have been wiped out since leaving the event with my brain going 90 to nothing. (A little Stress Away and Orange was just the thing I needed) But all this in a good thing – with Tyler’s improvements I hope he and I will be able to work together for his future.

I was soooooo proud of Tyler he played on a Kindle til the battery died, participated in answering some questions, worked in a math workbook I brought, helped the presenter with the “clicker” and changing slides. I was VERY impressed with him introducing himself with his entire name and I saw SOOOOO MUCH improvement. I was unable to help him with the math workbook BUT he was reading instructions and doing the work!!!!!! Yes, Yes, Yes! Comprehension at work!!!!! Thank you Jesus!

#progressnotperfection #theygrowintoadults #thenwhat #canheadvocateforhimself #amIholdinghimback #brainhealth #yleo #puritymatters #oilyspectrum



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