Decision Making…….and making good decisions

Well I am glad I bought 2 backpacks this year, the Mesh and the Clear Plastic – this week is proving the need for the clear plastic LOL – I let Tyler make a choice each morning which he would like, on rainy mornings he has chosen the clear plastic 🙂 WHAT an amazing improvement. Tyler is so fixated on pattern setting with no change (it was NOT an easy task to even change backpacks this year as nothing was wrong with the one he’s had the past couple of years). I allowed him to pick out his color for his mesh back pack (red) and then I found him a red and black lunch box and then got a clear back pack with red trim – all similar in colors. Monday I had him look outside and then I showed him the clear back pack again and I let him decide what he wanted to take – he chose the clear back pack so his breakfast (in a paper sack) wouldn’t get wet. He keeps choosing the clear back pack these rainy mornings. LOL – He can use which ever backpack he wants, now that sees how using both can work – letting him making those choices and decisions. (Let’s protect the breakfast LOL) He knows his lunch is in a lunchbox and won’t get wet, but the paper sack will. Very proud of him. It’s the little things where you see some of the biggest progress in brain health.
#yleo #puritymatters #oilyspectrum #cognitiveimprovement #progressnotperfection #autismdifferentnotless #processinggoodchoices #ningxiared #mindwise #mineralessence #multigreens #itsthelittlethings


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