Thank you Jesus

Yesterday was the 2nd day that Tyler was partaking in communion with me (instead of waiting after church)  This is so near and dear to my heart.  Without YL, cleaner living and prayer this would not be possible.   There were years that I couldn’t go to church at all due to his behaviors. Then in elementary school I started going to church by sitting in the lobby, then in the lobby with the sanctuary door open, then to the cry room and then to reception room with the sliding door open.  Now we sit in the sanctuary on the back row so he can step into the lobby when Hymns are played.   I created (and got approved) a confirmation book for basic simplicity and understanding (faith is very abstract very hard for the autism brain) After having him confirmed, the Pastor was agreeing to give him communion after the service.  But 2 Sundays ago was our first time down to the alter during service, receiving communion together. Yesterday with the second time and looks like now we have a new routine. I allow him to hold and squeeze my arm as we make our way to the alter, I am right beside him and my hand on his back when needed.  Thankfully our church is a very very very very small church and we’ve been attending since he was born and they have watched him blossom into the young man he is today.

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