Another BIG step and new adventure!

We are getting ready to leave for another new adventure.(He just came to me and said, you know it’s x:xx o’clock and I told him what time did I tell you we need to leave, he said x:xx, I said so let me know when It’s x:xx so we can get ready! So proud of him this summer for “staying busy” and trying new things with new people. He will be attending the xxxx xxxxx Day Camp at VCMPC this week. Some familiar faces, some new faces, new activities (big step for mom too – when your child doesn’t have the best of communication skills, it’s hard) I have goals for Tyler for future summers, but one step at a time – for his best interest and my sanity – baby steps are the best way for us to proceed LOL. (Next week he will go to one of his favorite summer activities – another day camp – this one he’s been doing since elementary school) #progressnotperfection #yleo #puritymatters #tryingnewthings #meetingnewpeople #oilyspectrum #chemicalfreelivingmakingallthedifference #overcomingoverwhelmingfeelings #calmingoils #foundationalsupplements #cleanereatingthoughnotthecleanest #Godisgood #younglivingchangingourlives #member2282859 #patience #tylerstimenotsocietytime


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