A MTHFR mutation

The naturopathic doctor I went and saw the Thursday explained to me that the MTFHR gene mutation Tyler has affects absorption especially of folate and she said that I probably have too (due to the things I talk about with my health) she said that he/we need a different type of B vitamin. She said that the Super B from Young Living is a great B vitamin but it is missing this ingredient needed for those with this gene mutation and you have to get a special B vitamin.  The B vitamin needed for this mutation needs to have Folate (as calcium L-5methyltetrahydrofolate) in it. She said if you didn’t have this mutation Super B would be fine. She said MTHFR mutations are hereditary so he inherited it from me, the bio dad or both. (She actually has both markers so she is familiar with this mutation) She said where he was deficient in his blood work on certain things (me too) could be as a result of not having the ability to absorb. So she said, keep with everything else I am doing (she didn’t try to sell me all her products or get me to change from what I was using with YL) and add this B vitamin and see if I see improvements. She asked me about fish oil and I said, yes, and I float around from brands and right now I am using a plant base for the omegas and she said go back to fish oil not plant based. I told her ok. I commonly us a Nordic brand and she said that those are good, but I did buy the one she sells (about the same price) so I could get started that night. She said since he’s autistic to give him 2 a day.  She looked at the ingredients in Ningxia Red and we discussed the multi-greens and she said, that I could increase his Ningxia Red to 4oz a day – so I am increasing it to 3 for about a month then I will divide it to 2oz in the AM and 2oz around 300p after I get this B vitamin in his system for 30 days. When she looked at the toxic metals she said, he still showing some significant levels (but not past the high ranges) in some things but since I am working on detoxing the home that it could be environment related (and probably is because we live in a toxic environment and that these levels would probably be higher if I wasn’t doing what I was doing and to keep up what I am doing at home with the chemical free living – she said that is very important removing all those toxins and she looked at the YL products I use and said that they all appeared to be good – she was glad to know oral care was chemical free, body soaps, hand soaps were chemical free, laundry detergent chemical free and no dryer sheets and she liked that my household cleaner was all plant based) She said all in all that Tyler’s numbers look good and for me to keep up the good work. She said she was surprised that normally her AU you kiddos numbers are not this great. We discussed all the vitamins he was taking – his YL regimen and then the others that aren’t YL and she was said “yes that is ok” to all of them.  She wants me to switch to Magnesium Glycinate since it absorbs easier and that the Calcium Asportate is also easier to absorb (which we use already) she said to stay away from soy (which we do) and keep the quality of products I put in our system as high as I possible can keep them. She was supportive of my oil use for allergies, sleep, calming, immune boosting, focus and all and when she was explaining to me the purity of vitamins and I said, I do understand that with the purity of YL oils seed to seal process and that their vitamins are oil infused, so she spoke my language on “purity matters”. So I am hoping with this B vitamin that will help with absorption and hoping to continue to see more improvement with Tyler and that I feel the difference too. My brain is so tired LOL. After reading about the MTHFR mutation for a couple of years I thought I would pursue it.  Tyler has the C677T heterozygous mutation.  There are various versions and types of the MTHFR mutation.

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