Hair Testing For Toxins

4 years ago when I started the yl journey with Tyler i was not able to do hair & blood tests due to expense. I saved my money for these tests. I worked on removing toxic chemicals in toothpaste, mouthwash, deodorants, household cleaning, laundry, body & handsoaps, which I use mostly YL products and/or make my own. I try to keep his diet as clean as possible (that is a harder task) . I utilize YL oils for seasonal discomforts, head discomforts, respiratory support, immune building, sleep support, & feelings of being overwhelmed in situations or overly concerned about things. I use many YL supplements targeted for various things including overall health. From 2011-2016 he was taking Abilify for aggression, impulsive behaviors & anxiety. From about 2004-2016 he took OTC claritin, zyrtec or allegra everyday. He has been Abilify free for 2 years and no longer takes those other otc meds on a daily basis (maybe 1-2 times in a season – thank you lemon, lavender & peppermint young living oils). Tyler has had very little as needed prescription (antibotic) or otc medication in the last 2 years. Tyler’s progress & behavior changes speak volumes. I don’t know what the levels were before but my mom gut knows they weren’t this low ( take the time to research how toxins affect brain, gut, emotions & behavior). I work on immunity so that prescriptions or otc are used very little. I am just a mom on a mission to help my son manage his diagnosis in the most natural way! I was elated when I saw how low these toxin levels were. Yes i know many will push it aside since i dont have a comparison from 4 years ago but i wont lose sleep over those opinions 😏😉 because i do trust my mom gut. I had a more testing done on him, learned he does have a version of mthfr gene mutuation now i know Tyler WILL NOT go without Ningxia Red, he needs the antioxidant benefit of that drink. The gene mutuation will be my next passion lol. When reading about this mutation a couple years go, i saved the money for this test, my mom gut told me one thing i needed to changed prior to testing was his B vitamins. Before YL he took folic acid in B vitamins, Tyler has been taking Super B from YL for 2 years now, which is folate not folic acid (folic acid is synthetic) which folic acid is not good for this mutation, glad i listened to my mom gut. More to come on this as i begin to learn about and tweak his supplement regimen accordingly. I had other vitamin & mineral testing done on him, let the research and supplement tweaking begin. #oilyspectrum #checkoutlowtoxinlevels #progressnotperfection #yleo #puritymatters #chemicalfreehome #detoxingbody #seedtoseal #ningxiared #sulfurzyme #juvaflex #superB #trustyourmomgut #moretolearn #individualjourney #momonamission #ylmember2282859

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