He knows his full name!!!

Many people have 3 names, a first, middle and last.  My children have 4 names. I thought to myself, if I can just get Tyler to learn 3 of his names, I will be doing good. He has known his name for a while (3 of the 4 that is)

This morning on the way to school – here was conversation:

Tyler:  “Mom you know what?”

Me:  “What’s that Tyler?” (I just knew it was going to be Thomas related LOL)

Tyler:  “My name is Tyler Austin Farnsworth Bryan”

Me:  In shock “Yes it sure is.  That is your full name. Where did you see your full name at?”

Tyler:  “At the High School”

Me:  “Well good job Tyler, good job!”

Tyler:  “Thanks mom, I have a lot more learning to do”

Me: “Tyler no matter our age, we never stop learning and you my son are awesome!”

Tyler:  “I am awesome, thank you”

These bits and pieces just come out of the blue.  Not sure what he truly knows but love how he’s starting to piece things together.

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