Boycott Autism Speaks

As Autism Awareness and Acceptance month begins, go any color but “blue” Blue is a financial campaign for Autism Speaks, not for the awareness or acceptance of those on the spectrum or their families. The 2018 updated information for AU speaks is in the link at the end of this post. Most of us first brought into the Autism World, go to Autism Speaks – but after a while you realize that they are not truly there to help those in the autism community. IF you want to financially donate – please check out other National Organizations (National Autism Association or another one is Autism Society of America or better yet, check in your local community for local organizations that provide actual help/support for families – here in Harris County, Texas we have several). IF you feel the need to donate there are many organizations to help. There was a time I was a AU Speaks supporter and lit it up blue, but the more you know, the more you grow…… Boycott Autism Speaks and support other national organizations or your local organizations, or a family directly.   This isn’t a push for financial donations, but so many want to give financially during any “awareness” month. Don’t forget – donations directly to special needs teachers for their classrooms will truly help so much. This is encouragement to donate in areas that help the families or the person(s) on the spectrum. But your patience, kindness, prayers, smiles and acceptance is the best support of all.


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