My YL Journey is different than Tyler’s

The Young Living Journey is not just oils and can provide wellness in other ways. I share Tyler’s progress a lot, but I have a story of my own.
About 4-5 years ago, I stopped smoking and went through the change of life and my body fell apart. I had very odd sleep patterns (go to sleep at 900 wake up at 11 got to sleep about 2-3 wake up at 5), moody, hair loss, dry skin on face, hands, and legs, red splotches on my face, roller coaster of energy, extreme energy loss, no muscle strength, need to nap every hour, brain fog, feeling bluesy, extreme carb and sugar cravings (eating donuts, pasta, candy daily) feeling worse after I these food, extreme weight gain – probably 50 + pounds in 2 years. I used to take 30 + supplements a day and still could not function. Doctors were of no help.
Today, I drink 2 oz of Ningxia Red each day (full span of nutrients and antioxidants) 2 capsules of Mineral Essence (ionic trace minerals) 2 Sulfuryzme capsules (for inflammation reduction and gut health) 1 tbsp. Mindwise and 2 SuperB tablets, 2 Thyromin and I rub Endoflex on the Thyroid and Adrenal areas (on the bottom of my big toe and my ankle) . Additional Non YL products 1- Ubinquinol, Vita D3, Biotin, Calcium, Tumeric/Black Pepper. At night 2 probiotic and 2 fish oil, 1 calcium. My hair grows now, I sleep just fine (I also diffuse at night) My skin is not splotchy or dry, I feel muscle strength returning, I have no need to nap, I have good sustaining energy. My brain focuses better. Then as I began to feel better I chose add the Keto way of eating (in August) my blood sugars were 137 – today, they range from 90-117 and I have lost 45 pounds. Young Living’s products really helped me start the steps to regain my life back and I am grateful.18386545_1456766627677762_1273624832_n

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