Young Living Endocrine Support 6-20-17

We have to be healthy to take care of our loved ones.

endocrinesupportI struggled with my endocrine system for the last 4/5 years. YL has so many options for endocrine support & I have created a routine for me. The Maca was the last of my pre young living supplement regimen to go. I took those 5 supplements 3x a day to just function. A naturopathic helped come up with that as she encouraged me to go to doctors who could not seem to help. In Nov of 2014 I jumped on the Ningxia Red train and began to be remove numerous supplements including some for my endocrine system. I was hesitant to let the Maca go, trying the Thyromin & Endoflex (not their only options) combined with NR & ME i have found a good regimen. It really feels good to have my endocrine system supported.

#individualjourney #learnyourbody #yleo #puritymatters #takecontrolofhowyoufeel #seedtoseal #ningxiared #mineralessence #thyromin #endoflex


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