August 20, 2014

Yesterday we went for the psych appt and the doctor was very pleased with the progress, that is, that the medication Tyler is on is till under the maxium dose (as prescribed by the doctor) and that progress is being made through behavior therapy (Ms. Tamara) and we are also working emotions and calming techniques in OT therapy (Ms. Megan) and then speech therapy (Ms. Claire)  as well, in addition to other OT and speech therapy items.  He was pleased to learn that we have incorporated breathing techniques, started with some yoga stretches, learning about busy brain (angry frustrated brains) and calm brains (happy and relaxed) learning about particular words that can be related to various levels of emotions on a number scale and incorporating colored coded words to match the number scale. Trying to recognize things and learning to cope with them.  (Example this past Saturday AM we went to Wal-mart for a our weekly trip and they had lost power so they were not selling any refrigerated or frozen items – we had to leave – HE WAS NOT a happy camper and had a mini meltdown right there in the store, it was overwhelming to him, we made it back to the car, with many tears and screaming and sat in the car and began breathing exercises. We changed the routine and went to HEB and it was totally different and he didn’t get a movie, but he helped with the shopping, still managed the basket, helped put away groceries when we got home.  It was still difficult, but part of the progress is that things like this are not all day events any longer and that we get through it.  I also know that just because he’s calm on the outside does NOT mean he’s calm on the inside and try to prevent rocking his world for the rest of the day – lol) But recognition and some of the techniques has helped tremendously.  We discussed the upcoming school transition which in addition to other issues in the classroom, had posed many problems at the end of school.  I told him about his ESY teacher being his new teacher (Tyler really seems to like him) and how just this week I placed it on the calendar so not to cause anxiety all summer.  That we are going to visit the school on Thursday, again for a refresher.  That I had made some changes over the summer, like having him help more around the house, dabbling with mowing the grass, cleaning the bathtub and toilet, (of course he takes out the trash) and doing other things to earn monies (in addition to his allowance) to buy the movies for his Kindle. I know Tyler doesn’t have the concept of everything (not yet anyway) and like the doctor said, look how long it’s taken to make progress in all the things he’s progressed in, just keep doing what you are doing.  I also kept with  transitioning him to front seat of the car and he’s now able to sit in the front and the backseat (if sissy is in the jeep he sits in the back), actually took him in the stores to go clothing shopping (with sissy’s help of course) and participated in trying on clothes and helping make decisions about clothing, these are all things of growing up, becoming a bigger boy and going to a new school (6th grade).  I told the doctor that I thought possibly trying to change so many of things that have been associated with elementary could help with a transition.  Not everything, but a few things and he agreed.  Told him that we have done a lot of work in speech this summer and that he still will have another year of speech in school (which IMO, he needs it indefinitely communication, cognitive thinking, etc is not 100% yet).  Told him I am to go back to ARD about 3 weeks after school starts to tweak Tyler’s IEP and he thought that would be a good idea. I did discuss a couple of things with the doctor that I already want changed in his IEP and he agreed that for now my thought process on this was probably correct and probably best for Tyler, so I will request those changes be implemented. Told him that Tyler has continued with his golfing lessons on Sundays before church and he was pleased to see that he liked and has continued with it for this long period of time. I told him that we practice out in the yard and that he’s getting a set of golf clubs for Christmas.  I told the doctor that he will also continue his participation in S.P.O.R.T.S.  program (this is a mixture of fun, social interaction, arts and crafts,  physical activity and special olympics) two days a week after school beginning in September.     He was so pleased that he said we could come back in 6 months, unless I felt we needed to come back before then, at which time I can call in for an appointment sooner than the one scheduled.  We discussed the medication and how to increase, if needed (we discuss this each time and I am glad we do, because he’s not all about medication, he’s about medication management and incorporating other things and is NOT anti-diet and anti-supplements) BUT I do have to watch what homopathic type items I use with Tyler for them not to interact with medication – this doctor is very good about discussing any ideas I may have (I told him I was looking into the oils have not made that decision) but still trying to maintain a restrictive diet. We discussed my issues with the medication (which don’t change – lol) that it SLOWS Tyler down and slows his metabolism down as well in turn causing weight gain.  BUT it does help with his anxiety and definitely helps with aggression. Everyone has off days, we are human, but for the most part it’s been a world of difference (last year 1st year in school with no major aggression behaviors) We both want to see how things go again once school starts (less snacking at the house).    So this summer has passed, therapies, doctors, and changes in place and we will move onto 6th grade on Monday!   One day, one prayer, one step at a time.  Thank you God for this journey.


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