Progress 11-21-2020

Sometimes that random email from a teacher with such positive comments is all you need to make your day! This parade observation (he may or may not do again) and managing verbal instructions is HUGE for Tyler –
Tyler’s time works about better than trying to force him into society’s timeline! #progressnotperfection #soproudofhisimprovements #autismdifferentnotless #tylersteachersrock #ceebeedee #calmingoils #antioxidants #patience #babysteps

From a teacher: I wanted to let you know that Tyler is making leaps and bound improvement this year! I am so proud of him! You have done a great job with him at home.

Yesterday we had a spirit walk where the band and cheerleaders come down the hallways. He said he didn’t want to go, but refused to leave my side. I asked him again if he would like to go into XXXXX class to be away from the commotion before the parade started. He shook his head no and was excited to see the parade as they approached us. When the band got close he covered his head and leaned against the wall. I comforted him and when it was over he looked like he had tears in his eyes. I asked him if he was okay and he was quick to put on a smile again and said he was okay. I was shocked he wanted to stay for the parade.

During some classes he is allowed to use his computer and some not, depending on the lesson. This is hard for Tyler and one day this week he refused to put his computer up for me and started to become very agitated. I left him alone as he was still completing his work. The next day I prepped everyone in the hallway before they walked in that we weren’t using the computer that day for class because I had something else for them to do. He did just fine. 🙂

His willingness to follow and actively listen to verbal directions the first time they are given this year is amazing! During full class lessons he likes to try and skip/rush ahead of me. He gets items wrong sometimes when he does this. I remind him to stay on the same page I am talking and working on and he gets back on track without issue. Tyler is such a joy to have in my classes.


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