Making a connection

This morning during ESY we working on cursive writing
Tyler: “this is just like Walgreens”  I nodded and kept going on with the instructions. Yesterday he said the same thing when we were working on the cursive. I just nodded.
Then as he was practicing on his A’s he said it again,

Tyler: “just like Walgreens” –  this time instead of nodding, I said, Tyler – like Walgreens?
Tyler: “yes, just like the Walgreens sign”

Then the lightbulb went off – Walgreens is in cursive LOL and I said, yes your right – you are learning cursive like the Walgreens sign. For Tyler there is always a connection to something – always. For mom, sometimes it takes a little bit to figure it out LOL.

#autismdifferennotless #progressnotperfection #alwaysaconnection #learningcursive #walgreensiscursive


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