Conversation Speech

I was SO proud of Tyler yesterday. Tyler is on a 3 month hiatus from speech therapy (part of TCH’s new structure, 3 months on, 3 months off) but was sent home with various “homework” to continue working on speech therapy during this 3 month period. We are working on “conversation speech”

Tyler is pretty good about good about greeting appropriately and maybe asking how you are or how was your day.

The last couple of times we’ve been out to Stan & Kay’s, Stan has been at work and we haven’t been out there since Spring Break. Yesterday he was home <3. Tyler tells Paw Paw Stan hello and then…….. (out of the blue – Tyler starts the conversation!!!!!!!!)

Tyler: “How is your work?” Stan: “It’s been good.”

Then later on in the day Tyler says “I missed you Paw Paw Stan because you were at work” and Stan said “I missed you too.”

Then as we are driving off, Tyler turns to me and says “I missed Paw Paw Stan when he’s at work” and I responded, “I understand Tyler, I miss him too when he’s at work”

My heart is so full of joy – it’s the little things.

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