Teacher Appreciation

I want to give a huge shoutout to Tyler’s teaching staff – they have been absolutely amazing during this remote learning time. They have sent work that is easy for me to understand so that I can instruct him, and give a lengthy time frame in order to complete and turn in assignments. I like the choice boards so that I can choose what we work on each day. I am loving what I am seeing, how he is responsive to assignments, what he’s reading and comprehending or not comprehending. How some work he can do independently, some work he needs prompting and other work he needs constant direction or rewording of something in order for him to grasp it to answer it.

I can’t imagine being a special education teacher during this remote learning, what a challenge it must be to make things workable for everyone and for those that need more revisions to match their IEP goals. This is a new learning adventure for our teaching staff and what an amazing job they’ve done in this transition.

I have really noticed areas that Tyler has excelled and may need to be pushed a little harder and then areas that I realize really need working on and can make notes to add these into is IEP and even have a revisions ARD if necessary as I continue to work on it here.

In such a disruptive time, God has placed this learning opportunity in my lap including the visual time I get with Tyler’s education (no amount of notes sent home by a teaching staff can tell me what I am seeing) it is really letting me see as a parent what areas I need to really help him with and how to work with his teaching staff now and when school returns to help him achieve his goals and then some!


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