Weighted vest

Found this 12lb weighted best today at Aldi’s. (as a parent of a sensory pressure seeker, fitness tools are many times a great thing and less expensive than products marketed for autism/SPD).

Also really liking the cognition improvement & memory regurgitation since incorporating cbd oil. The below conversation made my heart fill with joy & my eyes leak a little.

Me: “Tyler. The cases water of water are in the back of the explorer & a weighted vest, will you go get them?”

Tyler: “a weighted vest like in elementary school?”

(I was shocked he has NEVER mentioned that vest and that was 6 & 7 years ago)

Me: “yes. A different kind but yes.” I am smiling from ear to ear.

He brings inside, I put it on him.(I am thinking it’s too heavy)

Me: “do you like it?”

Tyler: “yes it feels good. This is just like elementary school.”

Me: “you can take it off if you want, I just wanted you to try it on”

Tyler: “I am not ready to take it off”

It is still on (almost an hour)

I have know idea what he truly knows & what he remembers. Over the past few months he has been blurting things out, stuff I am shocked he remembers.

#autismdifferentnotless #sensoryseeker #weightedvest #oilyspectrum #cognitiveimprovements #memory #progressnotperfection




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